Are you worried that your investments aren’t keeping up with inflation?

Then reinvent your life with a well-chosen property portfolio.

+ radically improve your financial outcomes for you and your family.

These education & investment opportunities can increase your returns, and help you become a Property Millionaire to recession proof your life.

Learn how

to invest in property

Build a robust

property portfolio

Secure your

financial freedom

An adventure in real estate

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Property Investment Courses

You can build your foundational knowledge; or choose to specialize in one or more of our favorite strategies.

Earn Only with Michael Bowen

Michael’s curated fixed return investment opportunities offer competitive interest rates for generous fixed returns. 

Earn & Learn Property Investing Experience

An unmissable chance to watch & learn from the experts how they make real-world property deals, and earn a fixed return on your investment.

What about people with a 9 to 5?

Can people with a 9 - 5 career also become accomplished investors?

Of course!

You can keep your day job while you master a property investment portfolio.

Over time you’ll see your new side income grow…

The resources you accumulate will increase in value over time+ make a prosperous life possible, as you keep going each day.

As a real estate property investor who has been trained for success, you’ll be fully empowered to get the better of:

  • property & investment taxes

  • the impact of inflation

  • interest rate risks

  • economic uncertainties

Here are the various stages of your Investment Education journey…

FREE Live Webinars

You can join Michael's team every month for these mind-blowing exciting events…

With these FREE webinars you take your first steps to learn insider knowledge & secrets about real estate investing.

You’ll get first-hand experience of the various strategies and tools available to you that can change YOUR life & financial future.

They’ll discuss the real-world practice of superior property investments … all with the aim to set you on a path TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDANCE

Property Investment Courses

A journey through the top strategies to invest in real estate…

You’re bound to have a preferred strategy – even if only because you feel you can be very good at it!

So before you start focusing on buying a specific type of property investment, you’ll need a solid understanding of the strategy you want to use.

From multi lets and student accommodation, to installment sales and Airbnb's ... These courses simplify the intricate world of real estate+ gives you your best chance to be great at it!

This includes lessons about time-tested investment strategies + the different finance models that can help you thrive as you make deals.

Earn Only with Michael Bowen

A generous & trustworthy passive investment opportunity…

You can earn a fixed return of 15% to 20% per year when you invest in Michael’s equity-positive properties.

This opportunity is ideal for busy professionals who prefer to be passive and not involved in the active day to day movements.

It is also great for pensioners (or soon to be!) who have substantial capital + want to earn returns that are above average.

Earn & Learn

A hands-on, “this is the real deal”, watch & learn course!...

You’ll earn up to 10% fixed return on your investment while gaining the only experience that really matters– seeing how to do things instead of only reading/talking about them.

This opportunity gives you a chance to learn from the inside – to feel the ups and downs by putting your money & yourself on the line.

As you watch & follow your guides, you’ll learn how to handle the nitty gritty of real estate + all the unexpected curve balls that come along.

It’s important to always keep learning.

This belief has helped Michael with his life

+ it’s definitely also helped him as a property investor!

The only way to succeed in real estate is to learn and grow.

Each new skill or bit of information ramps up your expertise.

And we love to share!


“I did my research and knew I was safe with Michael. Within six months of investing, I received payments back. I was then offered partnerships in other ventures as well!”

Nick Koupman


“I invested in an Airbnb deal where I learned to source, buy and automate an Airbnb. I learned a lot from Michael throughout and got a great return on my investment.”

Saajidah Isaacs

Earn & Learn Investor

“My investment with Michael was a very smooth process. My money was all paid back with interest. I’ll definitely invest again and strongly recommend him to others!”

Ursula Pfafferott


This is a


opportunity for you.

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I don's ask you to trust me blindly here ... all i ask is that you get started.

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