Showing you how to become a Property Millionaire through property investment


Freedom of choice for you & your family

The investments you make today can provide security & freedom.

Real estate is especially rich with opportunities to grow your money – BY USING THE BANK’S MONEY!

I want to help create a more prosperous world in which as many people as possible secure their financial future.

That’s why I’m passionate about sharing with people like you to become well-to-do property investors.

If you’ve been looking for better ways to invest your money…

… the property market has excellent prospects for growth.

But to succeed, you have to understand how to do it.

From my own experience + from helping others, I know that real estate investment can seem intricate & bewildering.

But there are simple ways to break it down & make it easy.

I love sharing my expertise of how to invest in properties wisely.

My courses cover everything you’ll need to create a thriving real estate portfolio.


Developing a reliable base of investment skills & strategies

+ getting specialist training to invest in what you like the most…


Earning money as an investor (with an extra option to learn) + networking with property investors who give you ideas & support…

… a Michael Bowen Experience & Education shows you how to succeed in Real Estate Investment.

Highlights on Michael’s journey to becoming a Property Millionaire

  • From 1999

Working 9 – 5

While working full-time in the IT industry, Michael began thinking about property investment as a serious side hustle.

Michael believes passionately that any expertise requires a solid education.

As an energising entrepreneur, this credo has always motivated him to learn + share his knowledge with others.

  • 2003-2018

Education & travels

Within his first year of buying a property, Michael refinanced it to later study his MBA at Liverpool University. 

His refinancing investment also paid for an eye-opening trip around the globe.

He travelled & worked internationally for nearly 20 years + at the same time bought, sold & flipped numerous properties for a profit.

  • 2019-2022

Consolidating his businesses

By now a highly experienced & skilled real estate investor, Michael established ZATraining to help clients become skilled property investors.

Through ZAHomes, clients get experiential-based opportunities to learn more about real estate.

Michael established Meet Michael Bowen – a Masterminds peer group for property investors.

  • 2023

Shaping expert investors

To this day, he works in IT leadership & management with property as his side hustle.

He’s now fully dedicated to teaching & motivating everyone he can find to become knowledgeable real estate investors.

Michael regularly speaks at property network events, sharing his energy, experience & insights.

Committed to the call of adventure

+ living life to the ABSOLUTE full!

Michael enjoys white-water kayaking & body boarding + is a keen scuba diver.

He is seriously committed to animal welfare & protecting wildlife.

As adventure traveller he has visited 42 countries on 5 continents.

Isn’t it time you became a Side Hustle Millionaire?

Let’s make sure you keep your 9 – 5 and grow a R1M side hustle property portfolio for income and wealth.

The goals I strive for when helping you become an investor:

  • My knowledge was earned the hard way (through trial & error!) + I want to make it much easier for you.

  • Gaining self-assurance takes time as an investor, but I want to get you cool, calm & confident as quickly as possible.

  • I’ll motivate you to take the action on properties that can take you far into the future + teach you strategies & methods to get things done.

  • We’ll speak realistically about your financial goals – which involves being patient for the long game’s better rewards.

The values that inspire me as I serve:

  • Sharing my knowledge & energy to spark passion inside you

  • Having the integrity & authenticity to speak the truth + be forthright

  • Treating you with compassion + caring about your life story

  • Being professional & approachable in all my interactions with you

Because you’ve likely already tried on your own (even more than once)

+ probably run into many unforeseen, rookie snags…

No more investing into properties with poor returns…

I’ll show you how research can improve your choices & outcomes.

If you’ve miscalculated your fees & costs in the past…

Informed decisions can keep your expenses lower than your income.

Goodbye to putting all your eggs into one basket…

I’ll show you how research can improve your choices & outcomes.

Don’t have to dive head-first into dangerous waters…

My training will give you step-by-step guidance to invest responsibly.

Come on this experiential journey with me

+ gain practical insights to build a dependable property portfolio.

And as you grow older and wiser,

you’ll see how the compound effects of time, knowledge + using the bank’s money to increase your wealth dramatically

is the way to win into the future!

This investing experience is ideal for you.

There’s no need to brave the property investment game alone.

I can help you overcome many challenges & grow.

You might even prove so talented at this that investing in real estate becomes your full-time gig!

in the News


“I invested in Michael’s Earn & Learn programme where we completed a Fix & Flip property together. He walked me through the whole process to ensure I can one day do this for myself. I earned 10% and will immediately invest in another deal.”

Lechlo Mokhele

Earn and Learn investor

“I invested in an Airbnb in Camps Bay. The legendary Michael Bowen shared powerful insights and information with me which empowered me to explore other opportunities and invest in various other apartments in Cape Town.”

Julia Lyndall Haddon


“Michael Bowen is a very experienced property investor who started from the ground up and helps others do the same. Property investment is key to long-term wealth, and he helps you create the mechanisms to make it work.”

Graeme Richards

South African TV presenter

If you’re ready for this dream to be real, then let’s make it happen!

It would give me tremendous pleasure to meet with you + discuss your ambitions, hopes & dreams.

Start on this exciting investment adventure today.

We can build a roadmap together

+ plot a dedicated journey towards your financial happiness & security.

Your ability to learn gives you

the power to earn!