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Property, Business & Wealth Coaching

Whether you want to fire your boss; create your own empire, or just accelerate your income earnings, coaching gives you a fast track to success and the wealth you feel you deserve.

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Meet Michael Bowen


Meet Michael Bowen


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Meet Michael Bowen

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What is Your Entrepreneurial Genius

You are not the same as everybody else, so don’t follow their path… follow yours!

To choose a career path that is best suited for you, you do an aptitude test.

But to find and create your WEALTH, you need to do the Wealth Dynamic Test.

Within 10 minutes after doing an online test, you will discover your unique and quickest route to creating wealth that is specific to your personality. 

Whether you want to fire your boss and create your own empire, or just to accelerate your income earnings, the Wealth Dynamic Test (created by Roger Hamilton) gives you the step by step strategy to getting the wealth you feel you deserve.

Create your wealth in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of wasted effort so you can discover your unique and quickest route to creating wealth that is specific to your personality.


Which Entrepreneurial Wealth Profile Are You?


Vibrant, energising and image driven The Star is the one that can get in front of people. They have charm and the people skills to convey messages but they sometimes struggle to find the right message.


Relationship focused and good at confidence building the Supporter pulls the team together. Excellent with people they sometimes put them before the facts, missing important details. Although all the Talent Dynamics profiles, the Supporter is the best team leader.


Outgoing, entertaining, approachable and mischievous the Deal Maker seems to know everyone and know all the latest news. Easily distracted by the people they meet and the news they hear they can sometimes lose touch with the plan


Sensory, balanced, observant and insightful the Trader has the finger on the pulse of what is happening. Although highly effective when in the thick of things, they can sometimes struggle without a definite routine.


Reliable, careful, considered and meticulous the Accumulator has al the facts and gives the best advice. Despite having a firm grasp of what is happening they sometimes struggle with deciding what to do.


Controlling, cautious, organised and detailed the Lord has eyes on every fact. Despite being very organised they sometimes act very slowly, confident only when everything is covered.


Innovative, detail oriented and a perfectionist the Mechanic loves getting their hands dirty and making systems better. Because of this drive for perfection they sometimes get caught up in the detail, forgetting about the rest of the team.


Visionary, creative, optimistic and stimulating the Creator is the one that can get things started. As they have so much energy and so many ideas they can sometimes struggle to get things finished.

Take the test to determine your profile

Property Coaching

Grow Your Wealth

As your coach, you can think of him as your future self that joins you on your journey today. 

With over 25 years in business and 15 years investing into property, He brings the knowledge and skillsets needed, to get you to where you want to be.

Through leveraging his extensive social and intellectual capital, along with his education, Michael offers world class coaching that will bring you the success you desire.

Dream a little bigger and discover your path to success with a coach that can guide you on an extensive and rewarding journey.

business ventures



R 120 000 Per Annum
  • 1 on 1 Business and/or property Coaching
  • Real life experience that YouTube or educational courses cannot provide on their own
  • Connecting you to the right people at the right time to help you accelerate your goals
  • Setting the right goals, and taking the right steps on finding off market property deals
  • Structures and entities - Pro's / cons ad selection of personal name, trust or PTY
  • Get introduced to my power team members
  • Monthly 60 minute Meetings to review and progress
  • 3 Whatsapp check-ins between calls
  • Strategy refinement and selection – Cashflow versus wealth models including Sourcing, Airbnb, back2back’s, flips, BRRR’s, student accommodation, developments
  • Finance models and how to raise capitol
  • Property analysis - Avoiding the pitfalls in running the numbers, so you only buy the winning properties!


$ 97
  • Which roles bring you into your wealth flow, and which take you out your wealth flow
  • Find who you need to network with, and bring into your team
  • Find the steps needed to get you back onto your wealth path
  • Get your personal report
  • 10 Minutes to complete

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