Isn't it time you became a Property Millionaire?

To live life without financial constraints?

make money from property

Showing working professionals how to keep their 9 to 5 & Grow a R1M Property Portfolio for Wealth & Retirement

Over time, adding ONE high performing property a year to your portfolio you’ll see your Income, Wealth and Retirement grow… The resources you accumulate will increase in value over time+ make a prosperous life possible, as you keep growing.

Are you a working professional and nearing retirement,  have the finances to sustain you, but you’re wondering What is the best investment strategy to Earn higher returns whilst limiting your risk.





Are you a working professional and have a bit more time before you retire and want to learn how to invest in property for yourself, but don’t know where to start.


Which ever path you are on, know this: Nearly 98% of the world’s millionaires hold their wealth in property. It is the investment class you need to make life changing money and wealth, whether it’s the different types of real estate such as residential or commercial property.

So where do you start?

Which industries stand head and shoulders above a soft or high economy?

And which investment types have stood the test of time?

The short answer is property.

If you want to learn how to get involved with real estate investing and make life-changing money from property, it’s critical to partner with someone who has the experience and education to help you succeed, through real life strategies, systems and processes that you will simply not find on Google.

So whether you are interested in property management strategies such as Airbnbs, Fix and Flipping, stokvel-type crowdfunding ventures, or if you want to invest in yourself through a range of curated property investment courses designed to get you on the right path – Sign up to get started.

It's time to learn how to make money from property for yourself
Become a property millionaire

A wise investment today always results in a better future.
That's why we offer to help you get started to achieve what you dream.

Michael Bowen in the News

michael bowen in the news

How to get started

complete an online COURSES

Learn the theoretical knowledge required, so You Can Become A Millionaire From Property Investing Without Quitting Your 9-5 Job!

Invest into yourself with Michael Bowen via ZATraining where he has brought together the top leaders in property investing, at a discounted rate for you. These are the same courses Michael took to get where he is today.

YOU can

~ Build GENERATIONAL WEALTH for your FAMILY The Right Way!

~ Learn the frameworks that cause cashflow as a rule for investment properties

~ Build your property portfolio now, regardless of your current financial position.

Join A LIVE Deal Experience

Learn the practical knowledge required, so You Can Become A Millionaire From Property Investing Without Quitting Your 9-5 Job!

Nothing beats skin in the game!!

Invest with Michael Bowen via ZAHomes in his “Earn and Learn” program, and join Michael and his team on a real live deal. 

Ask questions on the Whatsapp group we will all be a part of, see the investor friendly OTP’s he uses, get introduced to his power team, engage in some of the decision making, and follow the deal progress 

Become a passive investor

Sit back and earn above market related fixed returns

Invest with Michael Bowen and sit back as a passive investor and earn 15% fixed return


Michael Bowen's Journey to becoming a Side Hustle Millionaire

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make money from property


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