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Michael Bowen helps people grow additional streams of income within 1 year, through investing in cash flow positive property!

Michael is a seasoned expert in cash-flow-positive real estate investing , an energizing Investment & Business Partner, a supportive coach, and an inspirational speaker!

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The Investor

Cash-flow-positive real estate solutions

Cash flow positive property means YOU make money from day one, and in some cases even earlier.

Michael Bowen is a highly experienced and skilled property investor who, after years of buying properties, opened his deals so that others can “Earn &Learn” along side him.

This means you as an investor, will earn interest on your cash investment, plus get to learn how we find, secure and manage these lucrative deals

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The Business Partner

Michael Bowen partners with aspiring entrepreneurs to start, grow and maximise business ideas, through leveraging his social, intellectual, and financial capital.

Property Sourcing

The ZAHomes group,  partners with aspiring property investors in their home towns to grow a property investment business, through sourcing cash flow positive properties into an entity that grows year on year. All tools and systems are in place for you to use, you simply plug in and run the business.

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Airbnb Automation

The AirHomes group provides setup, automation and management of airbnb units to existing and aspiring property investors to grow a locally relevant business.

All tools and systems are in place for you to use, you simply plug in and run the business.

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The Coach

Supporting growth

To excel. To Be more. To be happy. To be fulfilled. To be successful. to come unstuck. To achieve. To break free. To be what you were meant to be.

That’s what coaching achieves!

Whatever your inspiration is … it needs to come out. It cannot remain subdued. This is what inspires Michael to share his knowledge, time and skills with those who aspire to more.

Adept at networking and connecting people to achieve growth, Michael Bowen seeks to maximise business and energise those who he needs to involve, to get that going.

As an educator, Michael coaches Property Investors, Property Entrepreneurs, business owners and more to achieve success.

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The Person

Wildlife, White water, and a wanderlust for life

When he manages to salvage any downtime, Michael Bowen heads for the water – and the bigger, faster and deeper, the better. A keen white-water kayaker and bodyboarder, he’s also only one course short of becoming a Master Diver. All things water is a passion he loves to share with others. From Fiji to the Philippines, and from Goa to Africa, His fascination with the underwater is endless.

Michael’s love of not only the waters and what lies beneath them, but also what they contain, sees him protecting and being spellbound by all things wildlife. He is deeply committed to conservation and to the welfare of animals in general, with a percentage of revenue from each of his businesses’ profits going towards good causes; such as “Save The Rhino Foundation” and “DARG”. He puts his own life in danger to safely remove and relocate Cobras and Puff adders who have slithered into people’s homes in Hout Bay Cape Town and is also a qualified Game Ranger and a Dangerous Game Guide.

He’s never far from his two dogs Mojo and Hank though and sees his home as his blissful sanctuary.

The travel bug has also bitten Michael hard, and global demand for IT professionals has seen him travel to 37 countries across 5 continents; with only South America and Antarctica still to be visited. Needless to say, destinations of choice generally feature fast-moving water with plenty of adrenaline potential; or wildlife and nature.

Whether Michael is rescuing an angry puff adder, launching a game-changing new start-up, or making another savvy real estate investment, his remarkable positive energy and passionate commitment to excellence are 100% guaranteed.

Degrees, Diplomas and certification

Michael's passion for wildlife extends into photography. Click below to view his photos as published on Shutterstock.

Seek the fun and the money will follow. I aim to get people doing more of what they like and to monetize that.

Michael Bowen

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