So you’re a busy person, work a lot, have family to care for, and never feel like you have the time to sit down and learn a new skill like investing?

In this blog we’ll cover how to become a property investor with none of your own money down whilst keeping your day job.

1. Back-to-back flips

Back to Back flips

2. Become a Surety investor

3. Become a Sourcing agent

YES this requires a small time commitment upfront, but after you determine what investments are best for you and land your first deal then like we mentioned above – you are a passive income earner forever moving forward! 

It’s ridiculously affordable – Check out the ZAtraining sourcing course

4. Arbitrage

5. Know a guy like me

michael bowen

The big challenge with investing is usually related to knowing how can you Invest with the level of capital you currently have?

Another challenge is knowing how to find safe deals that will create passive income and finally managing those investments while already working full time.

We are looking for real estate and money all the time, and by partnering with us you will get to earn and learn at the same time

“But Michael I don’t know anything and I don’t have the time to learn everything required to do this knowing its a smart financial decision?”

We definitely don’t recommend investing in something you have absolutely no idea about.

Don’t want the stress of managing a business or rental property (whether it’s residential or commercial property?)

Trust us, we work with people to get them EASILY into investing – so we really get it. 

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What is a real estate investor salary in South Africa?

As mentioned, you can invest in real estate in many different ways, and either choose to be active or passive.

But in short, your “salary” is uncapped and will be based on your appetite.

How to become a property investor with no money? It’s not as hard as you thought

As explained above, there are at least 5 ways to invest in real estate and earn an income – whether you are working full time or if you are retired and want to make your money work for you.

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