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Orchestrating and delivering

With over 20 years of rich international experience, Michael Bowen is an accomplished IT Professional with a vast knowledge of infrastructure and cloud services

As an industry leader with a hands on management style, he drives, delivers and instils growth in organizations, and more importantly,  its people. 

Michael Bowen IT Consulting


What My Clients Say

Michael’s approach was meticulous at every step. His instructions and motivations behind them were concise and easy to understand, making him a pleasure to work with. Without Michael, it would have taken us far longer to achieve the milestones we have achieved and we will forever be most grateful for his time and services. We understood that our operation paled in comparison to the very large companies Michael has worked with and his experience and understanding in all areas of IT shone very brightly indeed.”

Alan Green

Managing Director VMG Software

Michael is a true team player and is a pleasure to work with. His knowledge in IT Service Management proved invaluable in improving IT customer satisfaction, driving IT service delivery and vastly improving team performance. Results driven, hands on and determined, Michael has a demonstrated ability to face challenges head on, provide solutions and ensure projects are delivered with proper governance in place.

Adriano Sperotto

Strategy & Digital Transformation Executive

Key Skills


Visionary, creative, optimistic and always looking into the future, Michael has become adept at aligning business strategy with technology, developing strategic business solutions in line with commercial goals.

A muddy pitch specialist, he thrives in bringing stability, security and modernization to the workforce

Team Leadership

Whilst strategy is essential, culture eats strategy for breakfast everyday. Without full team engagement, we stall, we stumble and we fail.
Michael is the person who puts tactics into action, and orchestrates teams to GET THINGS DONE! He empowers his staff to make decisions and is great at confidence building to do just that.


Vibrant, energizing and motivating, Michael is the one that can rally the troops, with the people skills to convey messages to all levels of business. Michael understands that the results lies in connections between people. Be that internal or external - we are all one team


Michael has been a bold action taker and pioneer on his drive to improve, enhance and bring scalability to business.

From being amongst the first in region to adopt office 365, to large scale on prem server migrations to MS azure, His projects, both small and large, have had large impact


With over 20 years of experience, starting in service desk and desktop support, Michael has advanced through the technical landscape and has a braod based knowledge in all facits of infrastructure, ranging from desktops, servers, LAN's to WAN's.

Service Delivery

Skilled and certified in modern IT frameworks, he balances theory with pragmatism to bring customer satisfaction through consistency of service, with his go to frameworks being ITIL, COBIT and TOGAF.

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