Meet Michael Bowen

Property Investor - Investment Partner - Speaker & Coach

Founder, Owner and Director, Michael Bowen is a seasoned expert in property investing and prides himself on being an Investment and Business Partner, a Supportive Coach and Mentor, and often features as an Inspirational Speaker.

Michael strives to find the perfect solution in all situations, and therefore his entrepreneurial passion forms the core of all his ventures including his start-ups –  ZAHomes, AirStays and ZATraining.



Michael Bowen spearheads the ZAHomes Group which sources investment grade property across South Africa.

ZAHomes works with passive and active investors who are seeking returns between 10% & 15% Per Annum.

In addition, he selectively partners with local and active property investors to grow the ZAHomes franchise across South Africa.

Through sharing his business, social and intellectual capital with those local investors, ZAHomes is able to quickly start investing in the hometowns, and build a growing business.



Michael Bowen leads AirStays which provides setup, automation and management of Airbnb/ units to existing and aspiring property investors to grow revenue, and reduce time involved to manage units

All tools and systems are in place for you to use, you simply plug in and run the business.



As an educator, Michael Bowen coaches Business Owners, Property Investors & Property Entrepreneurs.

Adept at networking and connecting people to achieve growth, Michael Bowen seeks to maximise business and energise those who he needs to involve, to get that going.



Michael Bowen shares his knowledge of Business and Property Investing at events across South Africa.

A vibrant and enthusiastic speaker, he energizes others to get started and take the massive action required to design a life of choice.


IT Consulting & Contracting

Skilled and certified in modern IT frameworks, he balances theory with pragmatism to bring customer satisfaction through consistency of service, with his go to frameworks being ITIL, COBIT and TOGAF.

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