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Become an Investor ...

If you are looking to add more passive income and more wealth to your portfolio, then choose one of the below options:

       Option 1: Invest with Michael Bowen via ZAHomes, and join in his “Earn & Learn” program, which will allow you to join him on a live deal whilst you follow the progress with full visibility and involvement into the process. Michael will be available to answer any queries and questions you have along the way.

   Option 2: Be a passive investor and earn up to 12% interest. No involvement required from you…. just earn an above average interest.

As Robert Kiysoki points out, “I use debt to buy assets. Most people use debt to buy toys and liabilities.”  That’s a downward spiral to staying in the rat race and never experiencing true financial freedom.


We find a property and present you with the option to Invest


We review the deal together and discuss the details


We sign a loan agreement and you transfer your funding


ZAHomes manages the deal keeping you in the loop till completion


We transfer your funds back to you at project completion plus interest

Become a Partner ...

We partner with you to grow a partnership in your city


Then join us in a growing network of cities across South Africa through ZAHomes PTY and grow your own business with us!

Get first hand knowledge and support from other like minded investors across the country. We welcome any experienced investor who want to join us on in this journey

Each ZAHome, comes with marketing direct to sellers to capture leads, Websites to convert leads into prospects, a CRM platform to manage prospects into opportunities,  structures to buy investment grade property, or agreements to source leads into estate agencies for commission

ZAHomes sources off-market properties with the intent to select those properties that meet our criteria. and add them to our portfolio.


We register a PTY - incl MOI and shareholders agreement


We market online for your chosen area


Advertising funnels lead into the CRM system


Automation / partner guides leads through the process


We convert successful leads into investments or cash

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