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About Michael Bowen

Life is a either daring adventure or nothing at all” ~ Helen Keller

Michael Bowen embodies this philosophy as his core driver in life. As a fun seeking life enthusiast he understands that your energy in life, is what drives your energy in business

Whether Michael is rescuing an angry puff adder, launching a game-changing new start-up, or making another savvy real estate investment, his remarkable positive energy and passionate commitment to excellence are 100% guaranteed.

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Meet Michael Bowen

The White-water Enthusiast

Michael Bowen is a lover of adventure! When we manages to salvage any downtime he heads for the water – and the bigger, faster and deeper, the better.

A keen white-water kayaker and body boarder, he’s also only one course short of becoming a Master Scuba Diver.

All things water is a passion he loves to share with others. From Fiji to the Philippines, and from Goa to Africa, His fascination with the underwater is endless.

The Animal Lover

Michael is spellbound by all things wildlife, deeply committed to the protection, conservation and to the welfare of animals in general, with a percentage revenue from each of this businesses’ profits going towards causes such as Save The Rhino Foundation.

He has qualified as a Dangerous Game guide, and also volunteers his time as a snake relocator in Hout Bay Cape Town.

He’s never far from his two dogs Mojo and Hank, though and sees his home as his blissful sanctuary, where he lives with his two dogs Hank and Mojo.

Meet Michael Bowen
Meet Michael Bowen

The Adventure Traveller

The travel bug has bitten Michael hard, with his first property investment allowing him to travel around the world in 6 weeks, crossing the date line and seeing two sunsets in one day. A rare life privilege

Having visited 42 countries on 5 continents, Michael doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon, with only South America and Antarctica still to be visited.

Needless to say, destinations of choice generally feature fast-moving water with plenty of adrenaline potential; or wildlife and nature.

The Student of life

Michael is an avid learner, mastering fields with pure passion and enjoyment of learning and growth.  

His understanding that experience follows education has seen him obtain an MBA from Liverpool University in addition to numerous industry recognized diplomas.

Meet Michael Bowen
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